Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1st Month of 2013 with Boston and Blake!

Boston loves his baby brother!
He got his guitar out and started singing and playing for little Blake.

It was too cold and wet to go outside, so we let 
B bring his tricycle inside.  I love these boys so much!

Boston wanted in on Blake's owl photo :).
I love how Blake crosses his arms sometimes when sleeping.
B loves his Rody :).

I think Blake looks so much like his Daddy!
I caught Blake smiling :).
Boston is so proud of his baby brother. He loves to hold him.

Nothing but LOVE!

My cutie-patooties!  
Blake looks so little in his bassinet.  
Boston looked the same playing at this age :).
Boston when he was this age. :)

With nice weather outside, Boston finally got to enjoy
the truck he got for Christmas.
One night, he even let me rock him to sleep.  I enjoyed every moment!

Blake loves to sleep!

I noticed the boys look alot alike in the top 2 photos :).  

Sweet brotherly love! 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Owl always love you: Baby Blake 1 month

The first month has been wonderful with sweet baby Blake in our lives.  He was born at 6lbs. 2.6oz. and at his one month doctor visit, he was at 7lbs. 15oz.

Still a newborn, Blake loves to sleep all.the.time.  We have to wake him up to feed him and change him.  He is awake and more alert now, then he was in the beginning.  We know that sleeping helps him  grow and he definitely has grown since the day he was born.  He lost almost a pound the first week, but  caught up quickly in the last few!  He is such a good baby.

With Boston, we used a large teddy bear to capture his growth in photos for the first year.  For Blake's photos, I decided to use this owl that Aunt Holly brought him in the hospital the day he was born.  The owl seems just about the same size as him, especially the first couple of weeks :).

ONE week 

TWO weeks

THREE weeks


More photos to come!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Family Visits and Meeting Blake

We were very happy that some of our sweet family came up from Shreveport to meet Blake and visit us.  It is hard during times like this to be so far away.  We did our best to make every moment memorable and just enjoy the time :).  

Blake getting love from Lolli

The boys getting quality time with Holly and Ben. 

GiGi and Pappy admiring their newest grandson :).
Love this picture!

So loved! :)

Three generations of Grace boys. So sweet!

Ami and PaPierre with the boys!
Great photo...Boston cooperated ;)   

Such love :).

Blue, blue...I love you.

Aunt "Chelle" and "Nynan"meeting baby Blake.

Love :).

Precious moment.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Blake's 1st Week - Photos

The first week at home with Blake was full of snuggles, feedings, naps, diaper changing and sleeping.  Boston is so sweet to his baby brother.  Having a new person at home didn't seem to phase him and he hasn't shown jealousy...yet.  Blake is a really good baby and doesn't fuss unless he needs something or is uncomfortable.  We are very happy to have our family of four :).

Sweet baby boy
 Foot as small as Mommy's thumb
 My guys!
 Newborn facial expressions
 Brotherly love
...sleeping pic was posed by me  ;)
 Blake's 1st bath at home...he loved it!

1st Doctor's appointment with Dr. Seghal...happy and healthy! So tiny!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

First days home and Happy New Years!

Our first days home involved a lot of cuddling, staring, smiling and visiting.  Lolli and Daddy did a great job keeping the house in order with me out of commission and I really appreciated it!

I love this little position!

Baby smiles!

Our neighbor, Kathy, meeting Blake.

Boston getting quality time with Lolli.

Boston loves to hold Blake.
He says "I hold 'Bake' Mommy".  So.sweet!

Happy New Years! 
Boston celebrated before midnight.

I couldn't resist.
Blake's 1st New Years ;).

Daddy and his boys!

The babies didn't make it until midnight, but we enjoyed some neighborhood fireworks from our upstairs window and a little champagne to bring in 2013.  I wouldn't change a thing! 

Little Blake in his bassinet. So little.

Boston enjoying his favorite treat :)

Lolli got us the fun New Years stuff and this adorable balloon for Boston.

Molly meeting Blake :).