Monday, July 16, 2012

Scott, Loren, & Eli visit and a trip to the Houston Zoo!

Scott, Loren, and Eli came to visit and we had a fun time!  We got to see Boston interact with his cousin Eli and it was so cute to watch.  Boston got to go to the zoo for the 1st time and he was overwhelmed by everything as well as the heat :).

B and Eli being silly!

On our way to the Zoo!

Boston wasn't too sure about this...

B pointing out one of the many animals

Loren and me with our baby boys

Dad helped Boston pet the goat.
Eli went right up to it with no problem!

Excited about the next animal!

Precious boys having fun!

Family pic in front of the giraffes

Boston being a silly monkey!

Staring intently at an animal

The Daddys and the boys!

Loren showing Eli the monkeys

Cave exploring with Dad

Loves of my life :)

Eli and B watching the fishies

Cousin love!

22 months

Loren holding both babies!

Reading together

Sharing the train....something B isn't used to ;).
He did a great job sharing!

Watching the fishsticks cook

Racing up the stairs

Bath time fun!

Helping make pancakes

Tim and sweet little Eli

We had such a great visit and we look forward to getting together again soon!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 4th Weekend

We had a great visit to Shreveport and Lake Claiborne for the weekend of July 4th!  Tim and I took a couple of days off to be able to enjoy an extra long weekend.  It was a memorable, relaxing, and enjoyable time!  Here are some photo highlights of our trip:

Dinner with GiGi and Pappy at Ralph and Kakoos - Yum!

Being Silly with Pappy

Fun and giggling with GiGi

Sharing a hug, so sweet <3 .="." p="p">

Chasing bubbles with Grammie

Hunting for knomes in Grammie & Pop's backyard

A fun new chair

Little B and Pop

Silly times with Aunt Bug

Learning Etch-a-Sketch

Telling Grammie "Happy Birthday" his own babble ;).

Grammie opening her gift from us (more on that in a later post)

Fun on his 4-wheeler from PaPierre and Amie

Daddy relaxing!

Trying out his new inner tube for the lake

1st ride on the boat with Momma

Relaxin' on a boat ride with Aunt Chelle!

PaPierre teaching B how to drive the boat

MomR, Granny Peg, and the puppies enjoying the ride

Fishing with Amie


Gearing up to fish with PaPierre

One of my favorite pics :)

Me and my cutie pie

A Barrel O' Monkeys

Finally comfortable enough to walk around on the boat

Having lots of fun!

Little B with Great Granny Peg after a nap

Deanne and B watching The Wiggles

Chris and B givin' dabbs

Shannon and me. 

Our little Fam'!

Boston, Izzy, and Paw Paw

Fun at Maw Maw and Paw Paw Mooty's

The great grandbabies keeping an eye on Molly outside

Eli (15 mnths), Boston(21m), and Izzy(21m)

So cute to see them all together!

Paw Paw cutting the humongous watermelon he grew in the garden.  
It was delicious!

B learning how to make coffee ;)

The 1st tomato B picked all by himself

Maw Maw, Eli, and Scott

Aunt Loren, Eli, and B

As you can see, we had a big time!  We are so happy we got to see everyone, including those friends and family that aren't in these few pictures.  More details from this trip to come in a different post ;).