Wednesday, August 17, 2011


A late post, but here it is :)....

Boston started saying MaMa MaMa MaMa...when he wants something and sometimes at Momma :).

He began standing on his own, without holding on. He is a very careful baby. He sits and stands ever so cautiously. He isn't walking yet, but loves to push his toy and stroller around.

This month he had his first babysitter (besides family). He did very well while had a little date night.

He had a whole week of bonding with Daddy, while Momma went out of town on business. I was so proud of how well they did; I had never left Boston for a single night. Tim is a wonderful Daddy and me and B are so lucky!

He started daycare at Halliburton in the toddler class. It is wonderful! Tim takes him to work with him and brings him home most days. I work only 5 miles away from there, so I take him and bring him home when needed. The teachers are so sweet and we can tell they love having him (very comforting for us). He seems to be learning from the other babies (who are all walking). We see him growing and developing and doing new things every day. The daycare does learning activities with him and even art work, which is posted around the classroom. We could not be happier! Boston favorite thing is outside time. He cries when the teachers make him go inside.

Boston loves to sing and dance to the beat of music. Given a rattle or anything really, he will "shake, shake, shake" when we say it.

"Hurricane Boston" hits our house every day. The kitchen floor is filled with pots, pans, and tupperware in a matter of minutes and Boston is in the cabinet.

Now for pictures!

Preparing for his Monkey themed birthday party!
Such a good little helper! He loves to "sweep" the floor.
Helps cook dinner every night.
Plays hard and sleeps well!
Loves to smile and laugh; so much fun!
Getting into "his" cabinet...storms a brewing ;)
Began standing alone!
Still has a place in his heart for his old friend Sophie
Challenges his mind
Little cutie pie
We still don't know where he learned this from...

Quality time with Daddy
Trying to climb out of the tub

Fun in the sun with Molly and Momma
New post soon!