Friday, September 23, 2011


12 Months! A post in pictures....

Fun outside!

Volunteering to play fetch with Molly

Being silly in the kitchen
Fun with Aunt Chelle

Helping Daddy blow out candles for his 28th birthday
My LSU fan boys watching the game
Boston's new hangout

Eating whole green beans for the 1st time
Playing with Izzy on a trip to MawMaw and PawPaws
Little B and Aunt Bug
He loves "talking" on the phone!
We say "Hello" and he just holds it up to his ear :).
Such a little cutie pie.
B loves music! Here he is with a moracca at Ami and PaPierre's house

I came home from work to this...
He was so tired he just fell asleep right there and Daddy didn't want to disturb him.
He looked so comfy. We don't wake a sleeping baby, unless necessary! ;)
Lounging around with Momma
Giving Momma a kiss...SO SWEET!

I'm so in love...

Boston is now Molly's new best friend. He is always sharing with her...

I love my boy!
On the move and everywhere!
Hanging out with Shannon on her visit to Houston

Next post coming soon! Have a great week!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Boston's 1st Birthday!

Boston's 1st Birthday!

Little Boston's birthday party was lots of fun! Our little monkey was so blessed with lots of fun toys and gifts from our thoughtful and loving family and friends. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day to celebrate the birth of our sweet Boston.

It is hard to believe he is already a whole year old. It seems like only yesterday we were anticipating his arrival and then welcoming him into the world. Our lives have changed so much in the past year and it has been wonderful. We love Boston so much and we are thankful we survived the first year ;).

Here are lots of pictures from Boston's Monkey Birthday!

A table filled with sweets and treats
In effort to keep with the monkey theme, there were many treats to choose from.

What is a monkey birthday without Chocolate and Banana flavored "Moon-key" Pies?!

Alyson Foreman, with A Piece of Cake, made Boston's delicious smash cake and cupcakes. She made our wedding cake, so we had to have her make cake for Boston's special day too!

The cupcakes included Red Velvet, Yellow cake with Chocolate, and Chocolate with Chocolate. The cupcake toppers were ordered from Etsy.

When Boston was born, we took a picture of him with a giant bear every week for the first month. Since then, we have taken the same picture every month. It has been very neat to see how he has grown and his features have changed.

So thankful for all the gifts!

The fireplace mantel was decorated with pictures of Boston from 0 months to 11 months

Boston opened his first gift from his Aunt Sarah. With other things too, it included a lego cd player and "Curious George" soundtrack to play during the party. It was perfect for the occassion!

Decorations complete with a bunch of bananas the size of my hand!

Little favors for the babies, including a few of Boston's favorite things: a maraca (B loves music!), a rubber ducky, a finger puppet, and a monkey :).

Of course, he loved the boxes and paper as much as the gifts!

Playing with one toy and eyeing another

Enjoying everyone singing "Happy Birthday" (and eyeing the cake and candle!)

Daddy had to hold his hands, so he wouldn't grab the candles

Daddy showed B that is was OK to touch the cake :)

The Birthday Boy!

Boston and his 2nd cousin Izzy. They are only 3 days apart!

Helping Daddy put his little red wagon together from Momma and Daddy.
His first backyard wagon ride!
We think he likes it ;).

A very special thank you to everyone helped make Boston's birthday most memorable and fun and for all the thoughtful gifts. We are so lucky to have you in our lives! Also, an extra thank you to those who helped decorate and run errands, amongst all of my stress! Boston is one lucky baby boy! Here's to a successful first year...and MANY MORE!