Friday, August 31, 2012

Boston's 1st trip to the Circus

A few weeks ago, a friend/neigbor of ours invited Boston and I to go see the Barnum and Bailey Circus.  I was so excited for Boston to be able to see it!  

We got a suite, which was very nice for 2 toddlers who cannot sit still for long periods of time.  That made for a much happier baby and Momma! ;)  

Shannon and B's friend Logan

They had lots of neat acts, with the usual elephants, clowns, tight ropes, and many other neat things performed by very talented people.

Me and my little honey watching the Circus!

Boston and Logan enjoyed watching the show through the glass door.  
We took them out on the balcony too!

Shannon and I spent time chasing them around just hoping to get a good photo of them.
It was very challenging! 

Boston eventually got more and more interested and enjoyed the show :).

The boys were being so silly!

It was pretty cool to see how well trained the animals were, especially the tigers!

Shannon's husband and Logan's dad, Nick, brought the boys stuffed elephants.
They were chewing on the trunks and it was too funny!
Thanks for the surprise, Nick!  B loves his "ephant"!

Nick is in charge of Marketing for the circus, so we were lucky enough to get a backstage view of some of the animals.  Here is an upclose shot of us beside the elephants!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Visiting the Crawfords in Dallas

We recently went to visit Spano, Patrick, and little Logan Crawford in Dallas.  It was so wonderful to finally meet baby Logan!  It was a treat to spend some good quality time with them, since we found out about their plans to move to Midland. Shannon and Chris came too, so it was double the fun!

John Logan Crawford
2 months old!
Boston had to take a moment to decide what he thought...

I think he approved!  :)

We had a relaxing weekend with lots of catching up!

I forget how tiny a new little baby is!

Daddy and B having some fun!

I see an awesome big brother in the near future ;).

Sweet boy!

Such a great Mommy :).  What love!

Trying out Logan's toy

Aunt Shannon getting some cuddle time in.

Practicing holding 2 babies!...and loving every second!

Playing with Logan :).

I love seeing Boston with a little playmate :).