Monday, April 25, 2011

Boston's 1st Easter

We had a wonderful Easter filled with lots of family time!

Friday evening, we got to meet baby Eli for the first time. He is so tiny and adorable. He is bigger than Boston was when he was born and I cannot remember Boston ever being that small!

Proud Daddies!
When we got to Ami and PaPierre's, they were ready to play. Boston was sleepy, but was so excited that he got a second wind. Ami had a new "toy box" just for him!

Saturday, we had a delicious lunch with Lolly and Pop. Afterwards, we went to their house to enjoy the beautiful weather. Boston played in a baby pool for the 1st time and had lots of fun!

Aunt Bug has really missed little B and he has missed her too!
Lounging with Lolly

Our little model

Afterwards, we went back to Scott, Loren, & Eli's house for Easter with the Grace's.
GiGi helped Boston up so he could ride Eli's horsey. He loved it!

He had lots of fun with Pappy. He especially liked his beard.
GiGi and Pappy with their TWO grandbabies!
Our new little tiny nephew, already a Saints fan.
Asleep in GiGi's arms after a big day
Sunday morning, we went to church for a nice Easter service. Then, we headed back to Ami and PaPierre's for Easter lunch and more family time.
B had his first Easter egg hunt! He crawled to the eggs, but the grass was his favorite part. We quickly took it away, because he wanted to eat it.
Rocking with Great Grandma
Swinging with 2nd cousin, Maggie
Sleeping in Great Aunt Pauline's arms
He loves his Aunt Chelle and Ryan!
B and Great Uncle Marc

Flirting with a baby doll!
A special thanks to all of B's wonderful grandparents for such a nice Easter this year. The "Easter bunny" was very generous to our sweet boy.

We hope you enjoyed your Easter as much as we did!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

7 Months and ON THE MOVE!

Little Boston is 7 Months old! I can hardly believe it!

At Boston's 6 months appointment, he was 16 lbs. 4 oz. (25th %), and 24 1/2 in. (50th %). He is on the smaller side, but the doctor said he looked great! It was a new experience at the doctor with a 6 month old vs. a 4 month old. I laid him down on the doctor table and he immediately began to lift up the sterile paper and then began to go after the doc's stethoscope. Now I cannot change his diaper without him flipping over to his tummy! It makes me laugh and amazes me what he can do. He is such a busy little baby. The doctor said it will only get more interesting at the visits! I say "Bring on the challenge" :).

Just in the past couple of weeks, he has begun to crawl. At first, he was just scooting on his tummy. Then, he began taking a couple of "knees". Next thing we knew he took 4 "knees" in a row. We would let him just crawl around and because it was so new, he wouldn't go far very quickly. Now, he is very mobile and getting pretty fast at it.

Boston has been determined ever since he could reach for something he wanted. I knew this day was coming and now we are in for it. We have to keep a close eye on him and are having to baby proof. It's funny how we can set him down with a room full of toys and he will go for everything else. His favorite off limit things include: the computer cord, shoe strings, and lamp cords. He is a mess!

He uses his toes to get there a little more quickly.
We now keep the blinds raised so he can't reach them.

He also likes to babble a lot. He will go on and on for a while. I'm sure he is trying to talk to us and it must be frustrating since we have not learned his "language" yet. He says "ba ba ba ba....", and that is it for now. Tim and I both like to sit down with him and say "da da, ma ma, da da, ma ma, ...." in hopes that he will choose one of those to say next ;) .

He has a Johnny Jump Up at his Ami and Papierre's house and loves it. Since he likes us to hold him so he can bounce, we decided to get one for our house. He will bounce and laugh in that thing for a good while. It is lots of fun.

Recently, we had a covered pergola installed over our back patio. We have really been enjoying it. We even got a swing for little Boston. He loves it! He particularly likes to watch Molly play fetch while he sits in it. He laughs and laughs.

On April 15, 2011, Boston's 1st cousin was born! Tim and I became an Aunt and Uncle. Tim's brother and his wife had their 1st born.
Elijah Scott Grace
8 lbs. 12 oz. 19.25 in.

Congrats Scott & Loren! We can't wait to meet him!

It will be so fun to watch our sweet boys grow up together. Boston's birthday is in late September, so he falls in the same grade as Eli. They will have lots of fun playing together!

This past weekend, his Aunt Shell and Ryan came in town and he got to go to his first baseball game--The Astro's. It was a different experience for mom and dad to go with a baby, but we enjoyed it and we think B did too. He was good and kept some of the other fans entertained. He didn't get fussy until the end. He was tired of being in the same spot.

Boston is now eating solids twice a day. His favorites are apples for breakfast and carrots for supper (with rice cereal of course). He makes a mess, but luckily he loves bath time. We have been feeding him in his bumbo seat with a tray and he will probably outgrow it very soon--so we'll be getting a high chair.
He eats with no shirt and a bib...we learned very quickly that this is much easier to clean :).

Here are a few pics!

Loves to pull up on Daddy
Our babies
(Molly has a sore that is trying to heal, so she has to wear this...poor puppy)

Fell asleep in Daddy's arms

A visit from PaPierre, Ami, Great Grandma, & Great Aunt Joanna

Playing in the mirror
A miracle! Molly doesn't usually let B get this close, especially since he is mobile now.
Sweet sleeping baby boy

Snoozing with Daddy
Pouty face
Blue Jean Baby
Little Texan Baby (but will always be Louisianian!)
Little bitty feet
Sad news...Sophie II is now in Target somewhere or at a new home.
Sophie I is misplaced...I've got to find her so B will have his buddy back!
My sweet baby boy and me