Friday, June 25, 2010

28 weeks (7 months) tomorrow!

This past week has been pretty eventful! Since Sunday was Father's Day, we celebrated with all the Dad's for dinner each night of the weekend. It was nice to have some quality time with them. Tim got to celebrate as a Father-to-be. He is going to make such a wonderful daddy to baby Boston. Just look how he treats our little Molly :).

On Tuesday, I had a glucose test to test for gestational diabetes and had to drink this orange drink. I had to fast before I drank it and then get a blood sample taken 1 hour later. It tasted like orange soda, but not carbonated and not quite as sweet. It really wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. Unfortunately, my test came back barely positive. So...on Thursday, I had to go back and take another test. I had to fast again and then get not 1, but 4 blood samples taken. One before the drink, then 1 every hour for the next 3 hours after. The best news is...I PASSED! No diabetes for me!

On a side note, Tim is playing softball with our church league right now. Molly and I have really been enjoying going to his games. Since Molly plays fetch 24-7 (or she would if we allowed it) she is very interested in watching the ball on the field and is a big fan! Watch her follow the ball as the pitcher pitches it and then player hits it outfield.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our baby boy's name...

One day, Tim was watching a little league World Series game and a little boy went up to bat. His name was Boston. Tim really liked it and thought it was unique and cool. When he shared it with me, I agreed that it was cute and would be a good name for our son one day.

When we shared with Tim's Grandma Grace the name Boston, she told us that Tim has a great uncle named cool! Even more reason it works. :)

Both of Tim's grandfather's names are/were William. I also have several William's in my family. Therefore, we thought it was very fitting to incorporate it into Boston's name.

So there you have it.....BOSTON WILLIAM GRACE will be his name. We can't wait to meet him!

Monday, June 7, 2010

25 weeks and counting!

This past weekend, my aunt, cousin, and grandmother came to visit us. It was really great to see them and I'm so glad we got to catch up. My cousin, Laura, made the neatest custom plaque with baseball hooks for our little one's room. We are so excited to incorporate it and hang his infant baseball caps on it. I'm happy to share that she has just began selling them on Etsy!

This morning, I got an ultrasound of our little baby boy. The technology we have truly amazes me! I got to see him in 4D and took home a few 3D pics. At 25 weeks and 2 days, he weighs 1 lb. 9 oz and is doing great. Here are a couple of preview pics of our very own bundle of love:

Boston William Grace

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Babymoon and 6 Months Preggo

Tim and I just got back from a wonderful weekend in New Orleans. We wanted to get away, just the two of us, one last time before our baby boy arrives. Saturday morning we woke up and headed down to Cafe Du Monde to enjoy some coffee and yummy! After that, we took our time walking around the french quarter looking at shops and enjoying the jazz music in the background. We even got to see a little street show by some talented local guys. For lunch, we went to a tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant and filled up on poboys and cooled down a bit. We walked around a bunch more and then headed back to the hotel for dinner. We shared chargrilled oysters at Drago's Seafood and had a relaxing and romantic evening together.

On Sunday we went to our favorite New Orleans brunch spot - Dante's Kitchen. It was as delicious as we remembered and we always love the atmosphere. We headed to the WWII museaum after that to pay a little homage for Memorial Day Weekend. It was very interesting and we even got to see a really cool 4D show.

We headed back to the quarter and sat on a patio and enjoyed some jazz music with a beer (for Tim) and a virgin pina colada for me :). For dinner we went to Port of Call to try out there delicious burgers--and boy were they worth it! Their wine marinated mushrooms were oh so good. To enjoy our last night on the town, we headed over to Frenchman Street and listened to more live jazz music and really enjoyed ourselves.

Needless to say we had an awesome weekend and our baby boy is now 6 months along!