Sunday, July 17, 2011


Boston is into everything...and not even walking yet! We are babyproofing, as we see necessary. B has lots of toys, but loves to play with anything he isn't supposed to have.

His favorite things include: playing with the remote, turning the bath faucet off and on, sticking his tongue out, pineapple with ham- baby food, pulling mixing bowls out and banging them together, playing with Daddy's phone, people watching, getting tickled, and chasing Molly.

He also makes this silly laughing sound, other than his normal laugh. He will make the sound over and over again. We think he likes the sound of it. Ha!

At his most recent doctor appointment, he weighed 19lbs. 8oz. (25%) and was 28" (75%). He also got his 1st earache :(. Luckily, it never seemed to bother him and was gone within a week.

I went back to work on June 20th. Boston started daycare at Kids-R-Kids. He loves it! The first time we went to visit, he pushed out of my arms because he wanted to go play. He was exhausted during the 1st week, but has adjusted to the new schedule very well. He has been with the newborn and up and a spot just opened for him to move. Starting Monday, he will be in the bigger kids class. The babies in the new classroom are up to about 18 months and the toys and activities are more advanced. Everyone at the daycare goes on and on about what a good baby and how happy he is!

He has been eating 3 meals a day, since he started daycare. He is still drinking bottles between meals, in the morning, and before bed.

Breaking news!: We discovered yesterday that his 2 front teeth (top) are coming in.

Now for pictures!

He holds the remote, with one finger on the buttons, and aims it at the t.v.
So cute! ...until he changes the channel or pulls the batteries out
(may not be a good habit, ha!)

Feeding Momma

Funny hair day!

Slept in his bed, in his room-- all night for the 1st time!

On his tip-tip toes, trying to see the top of the table.

4th of July Weekend

A "Sister + Boston" pic

Aunt Hol and Ben came to visit

Sweet kisses...

Little Stud Muffin in his new shirt from "Chill"

Silly Billy at the restaurant

1st Red Sox game! (v. Astros)

Ready for game time with Dad

We had a great weekend with good family and friends!

Delicious cookie cake, homeade by Laura

Very interested in the fireworks!

1st chopsticks experience

A Visit from GiGi and Pappy

Fun with a new toys!

Quality time with GiGi!

Not spoiled at all...

Dinner with GiGi

Fun with Spano and Patrick --in from Dallas

"Coloring" at the restaurant

He loves to move the chairs all the way across the kitchen;
he gets aggravated when they get stuck.

Learning to play ball with Daddy

A natural at basketball!

Wearing the same, exact shirt that Dad and Uncle Scott wore at about 9 months!

Toothy Grin!

Having fun in the only cabinet that hasn't been babyproofed ;)

Such a good little helper!

We have to move Molly's bowl when we feed her...

The sound of the bowl clanging on the tile is oh so much fun!

Floor time with Momma

Little hunk!

Have a great week!