Friday, June 17, 2011


Boston is a busy boy. Say that 5 times fast. Ha!

He loves to "talk". He will babble up a conversation with facial expressions and everything.! Still no words yet ...although he has said MaMa when he was upset before...I swear ;)

He is very curious and determined. If he wants something, he finds a way to get it.

Lately, he has been sticking his little tongue out when he smiles. Tim and I are convinced it is to hide his cute new teeth.

Of course Tim and I can distinguish between his different little cries. Unfortunately, he has introduced a new one to's the "Let me have what I want cry". Oh the joys!

He will walk around the house while pushing his little toy (and hanging on for dear life). He is constantly moving the chairs around the breakfast table. He fusses when he runs into something and can't move forward anymore (he is still working on steering).

Every now and then he gets so tickled. It can be because of something we say (the movement of our mouth), a silly facial expression, seeing momma and daddy being goofy, or actually being tickled. He will laugh and laugh and laugh, so hard that he does a little screech at the end - maybe from exhaustion :).

This month was pretty busy. We had Memorial Day, family in town, and a family reunion to Mo Ranch. Lots of fun!

Now for the pictures!

Just being cute!
Petting Molly
(I can't believe Molly stayed within 6 ft. of him! Ha!)

Little musician
My mom grew up with this piano. It is now ours and hopefully B will take lessons one day.
Organizing the tupperware drawer
Splish splash Boston takin' a bath
Playing with his duck from GiGi and Pappy.
It laughs when you tickle it, SO CUTE!
Practicing with the sippy cup

Loves the spinning thing on his push toy
Oh just trying to catch a glance at the t.v.
Loves walking along the couch (and stealing the remote)
Loves his new high chair!
Blurry picture, but he was playing with his cars and I just had to capture it!
A little Memorial Day spirit
Hanging out with was hot outside!
He played with this purple thing for about 45 min.! Oh the little things in life.
A glimpse of his teeth when they first broke through
(tough to capture)
So excited about Aunt Sarah's visit all the way from Boston!
Kisses from Grammie
New toy from Aunt Sarah
Helping bake Brownies
Aunt Sarah introduced him to the water sprayer.!
I was inside working on something and I came out and he was soaked.
That's what Aunt's are for!
Trying out a chair in Target
Being silly with Aunt Sarah
In the pool with Momma!
B's first trip to the big pool was Memorial Day weekend. He loves the water!
He runs around in his float in the baby pool where he can touch. It's like a water walker and he has so much fun!
An afternoon with Ami and PaPierre at Mo Ranch
Loved swimmin' with PaPierre!
Playing in the water with Daddy at the ranch.
An afternoon little surf monkey was worn out!
Introducing Roby.
This was handmade with lots of love by sweet Aunt Sarah.
His foot squeaks and his heart flashes. The eyes are sewn on extra tight for B to chew on.
Thank you so much Aunt Sarah....he absolutely LOVES it!
Swinging at the park!
Sleepy baby cuddling with Daddy. So sweet.
Boston's first little teeth!
Very curious of the elephant outside of Rainforest Cafe.

That's all folks!