Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Boston is 8 Months young today!

He babbles all the time. He only knows ba ba ba ba....., but Tim and I are working on teaching him a couple more words ;).

He is pulling up on as many things as he can. I think he has gotten taller, because he seems to reach more than he could before. He is one determined baby boy! He isn't taking steps yet, but he has moved from one thing to the next while standing. It won't be long...but I am definitely not rushing it!
Watching Molly...one of his favorite things!
We are gradually raising the blinds higher and higher...
We are still doing about 2 solids a day, fruit with rice cereal in the morning and veggies with rice cereal in the evening. We have tried giving him Puffs (a 1st finger food cereal that melts in his mouth), but he is not very interested.
We have also tried apple juice in a sippy cup. He doesn't quite understand it yet, but we are working on it.
He puts his mouth on anything he can. He likes to chew on things, but he doesn't seem to be teething yet.
Thank you to Daddy for Sophie III!
He is still a very happy boy. He isn't quite sleeping through the night yet. He wakes up between 3 and 5, sometimes wanting to play. It's not always easy getting him back to sleep, but we are patiently working on it.

Boston is a mess and we are loving every second of watching him grow!
Cutie Patutie!

More pictures!
Hanging out at Ami and Papierre's house
Playing with Ami
On his tip tip toes
He loves watching the puppies play
Helping Momma empty the dishwasher
Taking a power nap/afternoon snooze
Being silly with Momma
Helping with dinner
A visit from cousin Laura and Damien
Working on his trumpet playing skills
1st Cinco de Mayo
Playing the "table drum" to the tune of the music
Quick visit from "Uncle" Chad, before he and Daddy headed off to Jazz Fest
Little Boston and I enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day weekend trip to Lake Charles
Quality time with great grandmother Alee
Boston LOVES playing with the door stop!
Lots of fun with "Aunt" Laura!
Napping in Grammie's arms
Little B and great aunt Mary
Little sweetie
Making funny faces- he was doing this all morning one day!
Me and my honey
Wore himself out!
My sweet boys
Daddy multi-tasking
Helping Daddy put a new toy together
Like father, like son ;)
Stood up for a second
Asking Momma to take Molly for a walk
Until next time!