Monday, February 21, 2011

Our weekend and a Milestone!

This past weekend we spent lots of time exploring the roads of Katy, TX, in efforts to learn the area where we will be living.

Friday afternoon, we drove out to our soon-to-be house and saw that they have poured the concrete to enlarge the patio. It is a 16' x 16' area and we are very excited to have it in time to enjoy the nice Spring weather. That evening, we came across this cute little shopping center and decided to grab dinner there. We enjoyed a delicious meal at a local Mexican restaurant on the patio, right beside some water fountains. It made me feel like we were on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. It was very relaxing and it was nice to be able to enjoy this gorgeous - almost Springtime- weather.

We spent the rest of the weekend running errands. We drove around Katy more and spotted the grocery stores, shopping centers, etc.

Sunday, we decided it was time to introduce our little sweetie to rice cereal! We got a tray to hook on to his Bumbo seat, fastened a bib to him, and prepared the meal. At first, he wasn't sure what to think. Most of it ended up on his hands, face, and bib. I gave him another spoon to play with, to help prevent him from grabbing the one with the food in it. All in all in went very well. It will take more practice for him to get the hang of it, but we think he is ready for the challenge!

I'm not sure about this Momma...
Daddy, are you going to let her feed this to me again?!
...not so bad! :)
Boston has quite the grip!
Little B having fun playing airplane with Daddy!
Smiling for Momma!

We are scheduled to close on the house tomorrow! If all goes as planned, we will get to move in Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday. We are so ready to get out of this hotel suite. We can hardly wait to sleep in our own bed, at our own house, cook in our kitchen, and have a yard for Molly.

We hope you had a great weekend too!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Someone's been sitting in my chair....

The life of a baby...

In just one minute,

he went from playful,
to fussy,

then curious,

to sleepy

and cuddly.

Such a sweet little baby...

5 Months

Our little Boston is 5 months old today! He has quite the little personality and is such a sweetie. With everything going on in our lives with the move and everything, Boston sure keeps us on a schedule.

He can now touch the floor in his exersaucer and loves to jump and bounce in it. His Amee and PaPierre got him a Johnny Jump Up at their house and he loved it!

He talks and talks.

He likes to scream playfully...I think he just likes to hear his voice.

He is very social; he seems to make new friends - everywhere we go.

He has found his toes. He likes to hold them and tries to put them in his mouth every chance he gets.

He is getting to like tummy time much better. He loves to watch Molly while on his belly. It keeps him focused on something other than the fact that he wants to be on his back.

He likes to be around motion. He just watches and takes in everything.

He likes to take naps in the car. This is a fairly new thing for us, I guess the longer distance driving here in Houston helps put him to sleep. He usually stays awake for shorter rides.

That is all for now!

Traditional teddy bear pic to follow later this evening.

Sitting up! (This couch helps...he hasn't quite mastered it on his own yet)
1st mohawk during bathtime-our little rockstar!
Couldn't decide if he wanted Sophie or his toes...
Tummy time ;)
Napping with mommy
Being admired by Daddy--this one will be framed :)
P.S. I have changed the posting size of the photos for those of you who like to save them to your computer or print them out...grandparents ;)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hello Houston!

We have been pretty busy these past few weeks. After Christmas, we put away decorations and got our house ready and put in on the market. Keeping a house clean with a messy Molly and 4 month old is not the easiest, but we got it done! Our house sold in 13 days with an offer we were happy with, we are SO thankful!

Tim started his job in Houston on Jan. 17th. The following week, Boston and I went down to Houston with him to go house hunting. I really enjoyed it as it was my 1st time to go! (Tim bought our 1st house before we were married). It was interesting being stuck in the hotel when we weren't house hunting, but we managed to make it work. Boston and I took several walks around the hotel parking lot. Tim needed the vehicle for work, so we did what we had to do. It was all worth it, because we found a house!
A preview of our house-to-be
The new owner of our house needed us out by Feb. 4th, so it was a quick move. On Thursday, movers came and packed and moved everything. All we had to do was separate the items we needed for the next few weeks from the rest that is now in storage. That was stressful for me, but I got it done.
Lots of memories at our Kayla house...
Playing fetch for the last few times, while the movers were there.
No...we did not fill that entire truck up ;).
We visited with family this weekend, then headed here to Houston. We are now living in a hotel suite for the next couple of weeks, until we can close on our new house. It is tiny, but not so bad. I'm sure Molly is ready to have her yard back. Boston and I are going to try and find a nice park that we can bring her to, while Tim is at work.

A couple of pics of our current living quarters
...excuse the mess, please :)
I spy a little Boston on a yellow chair :)
...watching the Superbowl, just like his daddy.
For now, we are scheduled to close on Feb. 24th. The inspection for the house is scheduled for tomorrow and we are working to get the appraisal done. Hopefully, we will be able to close sooner!


He loves this thing!

Where's Boston?
There he is!
Little boy blue...I love his eyes :)
Tummy time with Aunt Bug
A visit from the McLendons...all the way from Budapest!
It was so good to see Meryl and little Claudia. Claudia is getting so big!
Me and my little sweetie
Best friends playing in B's room