Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Where shall I begin? Boston is growing so fast. He had a doctor's appointment today and he is now 14lbs. 6 oz. (25th %) and he is 24 in. long (50th %). He had his 4 month shots and was a trooper. He cried while he got them and was fine after that. He is such a good baby.

This month he is doing lots of laughing out loud and smiling. He is SO happy. His attention span is a little smaller. We have to switch up his play time activities when he is awake to prevent him from getting bored. I'm sure this is only the beginning with that though. He is such a sweetie and a little flirt.

He is a wiggle worm and moves all the time. I can only imagine how it will be when he is mobile...we are in for trouble :). He is liking tummy time more. He can roll over from his tummy to back. He is still trying to master the back to tummy though. He lies on his back and twists the top have of his body, trying to turn over. He is so strong. He still loves standing up and can do it on his own for a small second. He is also working on sitting up. We have sat him down and he can sit on his own for a little while when balancing on his arms...my little monkey :).
He can hold his bottle by himself.

His latest favorite toy is his giraffe, Sophie. He still likes his zebra, but Sophie fits in his mouth just right and apparently she tastes good because she is in B's mouth most of the time. She is a rubber teething toy that squeaks and fits perfectly in his little hands. (We are on Sophie II, because Molly wanted to chew on the first one).

He is growing on Molly. Lately, she is actually letting him get close. He likes to pet her :). He seems to be into textures a lot. I find him feeling/scratching on different things like the couch, my arm, his bassinet....anything nearby. It is funny when I'm lying in bed and I here his little fingers moving , even while he is sleeping.
He is very talkative. Several times in the past couple of weeks, I have woken up to him just a jabbering away. It is so cute and it keeps me up sometimes, because I just want to listen to his itty bitty voice. He also likes to yell and has quite the little vocal cords.

He loves the bathtub. He will kick in his little tub and laugh. As long as he is warm, he stays happy. I am still trying to master getting him out peacefully, but it's getting better.

Tim and I are having SO MUCH FUN watching him develop. We love being Boston's parents!

More pictures...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BIG NEWS and our trip to Dallas

On Sunday, December 12th, we found out that Tim is being relocated to HOUSTON! Tim got a long awaited promotion and I am so proud of him. He has been waiting for things to calm down at work, so that he could pursue this new position. It will be much nicer with 8 to 5 M-F hours instead of 3am until... and every other weekend hours. I am so glad that he will be home more and spend time with little Boston. We are very excited about this new adventure! It will be sad to be leaving some family and friends behind in Shreveport, but it's not too far and we will be able to visit easily. We also welcome them to come visit us in Houston :). Tim will start his new position 1/17/11...very soon!

We have placed our house on the market and have been very busy preparing for that. Now we just have to wait for a bite. We are also doing some house hunting in Houston. We are looking at the Pearland and Katy areas and there are lots of options. I am excited to house hunt, because I've never gotten to before :).

This past weekend, we decided to make a trip over to Dallas. With all the changes about to go on for us, we decided to make a visit since we won't be able to for a while. We have wanted to go visit the Crawford's for a while and this was our chance.

Tim was ready to go and I made him take a picture :)

We drove over on Friday morning, met up with Chad, then headed to the Halliburton tailgate for the Cotton Bowl-- LSU vs. A&M (Tigers won!). There were lots of people and it was neat seeing the new Cowboy's stadium from up close. We had a great visit.

Saturday morning we headed to our favorite Dallas brunch spot, Breadwinners. We met up with my cousin Chris who lives there and had a tasty meal. Next, we headed to the boot store. I have been wanting to get some new cowboy boots, because mine are pretty worn out and I refuse to stop wearing them :). I picked out some real cowgirl boots (my previous ones were from a boutique and fake leather). Chad was so sweet and wanted to get Boston his first boots for Christmas and in honor of us moving to Texas. Of course the boots are at least twice his size, but he'll wear them plenty when they fit and they look cute on the shelf in his room ;). We are very excited about our new "Texas" boots. We may be becoming Texanites, but we are Louisianians at heart :). Ha!
Next we headed to Spano and Patrick's (the Crawford's). We got to see their beautiful new house and spend time with them. We watched the Saint's game, ate some good food, and did lots of relaxing.
That evening, it started sleeting. The next morning, it was snowing! It was coming down pretty steadily and it ended up getting to about 3 inches! Spano, Patrick, and Tim went and played in it with the neighbors. I brought Boston out long enough for pictures and so he could see his first snow. He was so cute and made faces when the snow hit his little face. I don't think he knew what to think! We got a picture with the 5' Texas snowman they built and we bundled up back inside.

We had a great weekend! The drive back was pretty and Boston slept the whole way home!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Boston's 1st Christmas

This year, Christmas was very special for our family. We got to celebrate it with our very own baby boy. Although he won't remember it, we did our best to make it special.

A week before Christmas, we went over to Grandma Grace's house. We had a nice little get together with little Boston as our entertainment. It was so neat to have him share in the Christmas festivities for the first time.

We celebrated Christmas with my mom and step dad, Richard, on Christmas Eve. We exchanged gifts and ate a delicious traditional dinner. We had casseroles, dressing, baked apples, pies, pork, and honey glazed ham (with pineapples and cherries). Yum! Thanks Mom! Tim and I loved having everyone over to our house and Boston even sat at the table with us :).

That afternoon, we went to Christmas Eve service at Grace Community UMC. We go there every year and it was neat having little Boston with us. I think MomR especially enjoyed it, because she got to hold and love on Boston the entire time. He fussed a little, but I think he just wanted to move around.

photo from Boston's baptism 12-19-10

After that, Michelle (Aunt Shell) came over to help us start our new tradition for Boston. We made sugar cookies for Santa. They were complete with Christmas cookie cutters, frosting, and sprinkles. It was pretty fun. We decided that next year we will have to get more exciting stuff to decorate them with, like M&M's and more frosting colors. Regardless of the limited decorations, Santa still enjoyed them with a cold glass of milk ;).

Boston slept well that night (while visions of sugar plums danced in his head). Tim and I finished wrapping gifts and Santa came to visit and filled our stockings. Christmas day, we woke up and had our own little Christmas at home. I found out I'm pretty good at feeding Boston and unwrapping gifts at the same time :).

Next, we headed over to MomR & Dad's. MomR always makes a nice Christmas brunch with delicious sausage-cheese biscuits, cheese grits, egg casserole, bloody marys, and other goodies. We all made ourselves comfortable around the Christmas tree and we even skyped Sarah and Chad in Boston. They sat by their Christmas tree and we each took turns opening gifts. It was like they were there with us! We got to visit and just enjoy each other's company...my favorite part of Christmas.

After that, we headed to MawMaw and PawPaw Mooty's house. We were greeted with hugs and a house full of people. The house smelled delicious with both homeade chicken and sausage and seafood gumbo. It was delicious as usual and we stuffed ourselves with treats from the dessert table. We exchanged gifts with our "Secret" Santas and hung out. We watched Boston and Jalene Isabelle (born 3 days before Boston) play on a blanket and it was the cutest thing. We watched them move around, smile, "hold hands", and get frustrated when we got them to do some tummy time. Next year it will be lots of fun with them running around. Scott (Tim's brother) & Loren's baby Elijah (due in April) will be there too. It will be even more fun!

Sunday, we went over to Tim's parent's house. Stacy had tons of food waiting for us. We got full on yummy snacks then opened gifts. Boston got more gifts than anyone...GiGi and Pappy are spoiling him :). Boston had a stocking and even baby Elijah had one too! We ate Stacy's homeade Chicken Creole (also a tradition) and did more visiting.

Needless to say, it was the most wonderful time of the year. Our Christmas was very busy (as usual) and very nice. We feel so blessed to share this time with a wonderful family.

We hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!