Friday, July 30, 2010

Growing Bump

As promised back in February, here are a few pics of my growing bump. It's funny to me looking back at these, because at each stage I felt strongly about my "bump". In the first pic from February I swore there was a bump was the first time my belly felt strangely firm. The night I took the May photo, I told Tim I thought I looked HUGE...I obviously didn't realize what was coming. Looking at the latest photo, taken last weekend, I realize that I am definately big now....but I still have about 7 more weeks to go! This is going to be interesting, but I know little Boston is growing with me and that is all that matters. I have an ultrasound on Wednesday to see how big he has gotten....Can't Wait!

FEBRUARY --------------MARCH ---------------APRIL

MAY --------------------JUNE--------------------JULY

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Beautiful Baby Shower

This past weekend, these beautiful women (and my sister Sarah who could not be here) threw Boston and I a baby shower. They did a wonderful job and everything was beautiful! We are so grateful for everyone who came and blessed us with such thoughtful and generous gifts. We are very thankful to have such caring people in our lives.

In this photo: Holly Robbins, Dianne Feducia, Deanne Pope, Michelle Rubben, Rhonda Rubben, Katie Rubben, Me, and Boston in my belly :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

31 weeks & counting!

I am now 31 weeks pregnant and time still seems to be flying by. Little Boston is moving around a lot, he just can't seem to stay still. His movements used to be more kicking and now I am experiencing some rolling as well. He has also been having the hiccups, which I enjoy because it is a constant movement.

Last night I sat for a long time just watching my belly move around. This wonderful feeling inside of me is so amazing. Although I know I still have about 9 more weeks to go, I ONLY have about 9 more weeks to go! I am really going to miss carrying my little buddy in my belly and all of his little movements.

I have really enjoyed this wonderful experience of my first pregnancy. I have been lucky enough to not experience sickness or any complications. I have heartburn/indigestion and I am uncomfortable at times (who isn't in this heat?!), but other than that it has been very pleasant. I just need to get through these last weeks. Tim and I have been enjoying each moment together as we anticipate the arrival of our baby boy. I have been having lots of fun picking out just the right things for Boston's nursery. I am really liking how it is turning out, although there is still more to do. We are so excited for Boston to get here!