Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Happy St. Patrick's Day!
6 Months!

Wow... I can't believe Boston is already half a year old! It is amazing how much he has developed in so little time. So much has happened in the past month. We are now in our new house, working on making it a home. With a busy little baby, it isn't the easiest...but worth every minute I can spend with him! Luckily, he isn't too mobile (yet) that helps. :)

Sitting on his own for the 1st time! Caught his balance and everything!

Even though he can sit on his own, we keep something behind him in case he loses his balance, but he is pretty good at it. It is so crazy to see how much he has developed in just a month's time.

On Feb. 25th, I noticed that Boston was allowing a lot more tummy time to happen. Ever since that following week, he rarely stays on his back. He loves to be on his stomach.

Sometimes I wake up to him on his stomach, pushing up, and looking at me. It is so sweet. Yes, he is still sleeping in our room. He isn't quite sleeping through the night yet and I am not ready to have to walk upstairs for a 3am feeding. Eventually we will get to that point.

He scoots backwards and moves around with his arms very well. If something is behind him, he will push off and scoot forward.

1st time "playing ball" with Molly. He tried to reach for the ball and ended up pushing it forward. Molly was watching that ball so closely. It was so cute! We can't wait for them to play fetch together!

Now that he can turn over, he rarely sleeps flat on his back anymore.
This toy rotary phone at GiGi's could have kept him busy for hours!
Playing chef
My cool dude rocking out his shades
Fun in the tub
Sitting with Momma on the couch

In a t.v. daze with Dad

Meeting Alee for the first time. It was her 90th birthday!
Little boy blue, holding his head up high
He rocks on his knees!...maybe crawling soon??
And...breaking news....he was pulling up on his own this morning!
Our poor baby is getting over his first cold. He has been congested and it is no fun, but he is almost better and is still as happy as ever!