Saturday, February 25, 2012

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler!

Boston loves being outside.  We have a couple of parks by our house; one of which is right across the street.  He has so much fun playing and watching other kids, when they are there. 

 He enjoys going down the slide all by himself.  Any time we need to brighten up his day, we just go outside on a pretty day.  One of our latest things is to look for birds or airplanes in the sky.  He does a great job of pointing them out ;).

Silly times with little Boston!

Boston is so helpful.  Here he is taking a peek at the top of the stove (wild man).  He put an oven mit on and I found him wanting to help me take something out of the oven.  If he can get a kitchen towel in his hand, he goes to cleaning.  Of course, my favorite is the sweet little sleeping position he gets in.

I love our little guy.  There are always so many pictures to choose from when I go to make a post.  That is why I was excited to find this neat collage website :).  He has fun playing on his little train, since he recently was able to touch the ground when he sits on it.  On a rainy Saturday, he wanted to go outside SO bad.  I just opened the front window and he watched through the screen.  

This was my little Valentine.  I'm such a lucky Momma.  
My Tim also surprised me with dinner, flowers, and a bottle of wine when I got home.  I am so thankful for my boys.  :)

To keep in the Mardi Gras spirit, B has been playing in beads ever since the Christmas decorations came down.  He has lots of fun!  He also really enjoyed a wonderful visit from Grammie and Pop.  :)

A couple of weeks ago we went to Shreveport for our 5th Annual Mardi Gras get together.  B experienced his 1st time spending the night without Mom and Dad, while we headed over to spend time with friends.  Dale and Stacy opened up their beautiful, brand new home to us. 
Stacy was quite the hostess with homeade fajitas, a stocked refrigerator, chips & dip, and sweets.  It was so good to see everyone.  We enjoyed a fun night with great friends!

Boston's 1st Mardi Gras!  Last year, B was too little to participate.  We made up for it this year.  It was very cold so we bundled him up Tiger style with his overalls and long sleeves underneath.  
He loves people watching.   He had fun times with Ami and PaPierre, and snuggles with Aunt Bug.

He met a new little friend and they played together.  He had fun helping his LSU buddy, Ryan. push the car down the street.  Our little family had fun.

He enjoyed helping Ami push his car.  It was great hanging out with Driggers.  It's always good catching up.  There is a cute photo of Chill at Jill's 1st Mardi Gras.  Even though it was Shreveport style, we think she had a good time!  One of B's favorite spots was snuggling with Dad in a blanket while watching the parade.      

Enjoyed time with Grammie while watching the parade.  Extra snuggles with Aunt Chelle.  
This was Patrick and Spano's 1st time to bring baby Crawford to the parade :).  We are SO happy for them and can't wait to meet him around the end of June!  Spano makes a cute pregnant Momma :).  
I loved hanging out with Shannon!

B spent most of the parade hanging out (litterally) in the back of Patrick's truck.  He enjoyed the parade from a warm view.  He did go right up to the float a couple of times.  Ryan took him to one float in particular who couldn't resist his Tiger cuteness.  He got lots of toys from them ;).  Kelly and I had good times too :).  I am so grateful to have great friends!

I don't know how I didn't get any photos, but Michelle opened her home to a Crawfish boil after the parade.  Tim and Chad did an excellent job boiling the crawfish!  We are thankful did out in the cold, cold weather.  We had a nice visit with everyone while we thawed out inside.  
All in all we had a wonderful time at Mardi Gras and we look forward to next year!

We made a fun visit to GiGi and Pappy's before heading back to Houston.  
GiGi opened a box full of toys that Tim and Uncle Scott played with when they were little.  
Do you recognize that Little People train?  B made sure he got gingersnaps from his GiGi.  
We had a nice visit and look forward to next time!

Silly Boston and his tooty grin.  17 months!  
I love him SO MUCH!