Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy New Year!


Helping Dad put new baby proof locks on the cabinets.  
He can't open these (yet).  Hahahaha (in my evil laugh)!

Fell asleep at snack time.

In preparation for Mardi Gras, Boston decided to take his dinos for a walk.

Playing at the park!

Last weekend, we had a bunch of friends in town for the Saints game.  
It was lots of fun and great to see and get to visit with everyone!

Good Luck Gumbo from Driggers and homeade king cake from Michelle.

Michelle and Katie actually getting along...for the moment ;).

Driggers was really into the game with his Zapps and Abita!

Playing with Aunt Spano and baby Crawford.

The other day, we had a ton of rain.  For those of you familiar, this is the big "bayou" across from the park as you enter our neighborhood.  It was really full!  We are so grateful for the much needed rain!

Although we didn't win, there was no lack of spirit for the Tiger at our house. 

Wearing Dad's shoes.

Have a great weekend!

I'm now up-to-date on all my posts :)!!!

Boston's 2nd Christmas (Part 2)

We had a wonderful Christmas this year.  It was filled with lots of family time, which we appreciated even more now that we live out of town.  We anticipated that it was going to be hectic and busy, since we were traveling.  It ended up being a very relaxing and enjoyable.  It was so great to visit with everyone!

Santa came to our house the night before we went to Shreveport.  
Continuing the tradition from last year, we decorated cookies for Santa.
Boston was a great help this year!

He was more interested in eating the dough...

and he loved eating the sprinkles!

 Santa brought him this truck!  
There was no getting that smile off of his face.  He was so excited!  
He kept grinning ear to ear :).

Filling up his gas tank.

Riding his snail rocking horse

Dad and B sword fighting with wrapping paper rolls.

Of course he loved the big box!...Santa left it as a gift too ;)

Helping DaDa open his gifts.

Santa enjoyed the cookies B made for him.

Molly was so excited about her stocking!  B wanted in on the action too.

We all got new shoes :).

Tacky Christmas party at Shannon and Chris's.  We had a great time!

Aunt Loren and my cute little nephew, Eli! 
This was his 1st Christmas!

B and Pappy.  I heart this pic.

Playing with Eli

Fun on his new train from GiGi and Pappy!

Rockin' out at Grammie and Pop's.

Rockin' on his new Rocking chair.  He loves it!

Playing golf with Pop.

Snuggles and love from Grammie.

A homeade apple pie by Aunt Chelle.  She's so festive :).

Aunt Chelle wanted B to sit with her, but he wanted to sit with me.
We solved that issue!  

Mommy reindeer and baby reindeer

Opening gifts with Ami. 

 Good thing Ami went and bought plastic ornaments for the bottom of the tree ;).

Quality time with Aunt Hol!

PaPierre insisted the guys learn to carve the turkey :).

Izzy and Boston had lots of fun together!

Boston loves sweeping the floor- don't know where he gets that from.

PawPaw snuck Boston a piece of chocolate.  Need I say he loved it?!

Enjoyed a visit at Grandma Grace's.

1st time meeting Aunt Shelia and Uncle Richard.

 Exhausted baby boy on the ride home!

Home sweet home.
Relaxing in his new rocker with foot stool.

We hope you enjoyed your Christmas as much as we did!