Monday, April 23, 2012

Birmingham & SB's Wedding Weekend

On the weekend of April 21st, we began a fun adventure to visit our cousins -the Gambles,  to see our wonderful friend Sara Beth Lewis get married to Jacob Bagwell, and to see my Cleveland fam' -the Bastaris!  We had lots of fun!  

The trip started with Boston's first flight experience to Birmingham, Alabama.  To get to our gate, we had to take the Interterminal-train.  Boston enjoyed the short train ride.

Once we got to the gate, we were able to keep Little B busy by showing him the planes flying in and out and taxiing around the gate.  Our little fam on the plane!
 Momma did some research before the flight on how to keep an 18 month old busy.  Most of the sites I found had plenty of information about International flights, but I just used those ideas even though our flight was only about 2 hours.  We had a bag full of different toys, colors, lollipops (for ear pressure), snacks & juice, and of course The Wiggles dvds.  He did pretty well, but if I hadn't done my research, it would've been very interesting!

Boston had lots of fun playing with the Gamble twins - Jack Henry & Harrison!  They had just turned 2, so the boys got along great!  B had to learn a little sharing lesson.

Tim being a tickle monster to the boys!

The twins also taught Boston how to open doors.  They have a long hallway at their house and they close the door and laugh and squeal.  They were having so much fun!  

The Gambles took us to a cute little Mexican restaurant with an incredible view of all the hills and trees (something we don't see here in Texas).  Afterwards, we went out for ice cream.  It was a real treat!

Friday morning, we were up bright and early (as usual with B) to head to Amory, Mississippi for SB's wedding weekend.  Josh made homeade oatmeal and fruit pancakes and they were delicious.  A very special and much appreciative THANK YOU to the Gambles for letting us stay with them.  We had a wonderful time and need to do it again soon!

We headed straight to SB's parents house for SB's bridal shower, which I was so grateful to be invited to.  I had a wonderful reunion with the Bastari's and SB. It had been way to long and the kids are growing so fast!  The shower was beautiful and SB was gleaming with happiness.

 Me and and the bride-to-be!

We had lots of stay-busy-at-the-hotel time in the little town of Amory.  It was really nice to have some much needed quality time with the Bastari's.  This was their 1st time to meet Boston.  

B had lots of fun with "Aunt" Shannon!  

He got in the pool for the 1st time this year and loved it!

Dalton and Boston catching some rays - too cute!

The beautiful couple getting married!

They had so many beautiful decorations.  One of which was little heart shaped cut outs down the aisle -such a sweet little touch to a beautiful occasion.

Little B enjoying a strawberry at the reception.

Me, SB, and Ashley
I miss hanging out with you girls!

Blue bottomed shoes to complete her gorgeous wedding attire.

Sweet little notes were all around the reception to capture the special touches.

What is SB's wedding without a little Mississippi love?

The newly weds, Mr. and Mrs. Bagwell...look how HAPPY! :) 

Going away in style!

They had a 2nd outdoor reception after the church reception.  Everything was beautiful and we had lots of fun!  Dancing, food, laughs, and celebrating...such a great night for SB & Jacob. 

That concludes our weekend of fun!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shreveport for Easter & Eli's 1st Birthday

We had a really nice time in Shreveport visiting our family.  After an Easter weekend without them, it was much needed!

Brunch with Grammie and Pop

Playing in Grammie's garden


A quick visit from Uncle Ryan

Afternoon Crawfish boil at Aunt Shell's.  
Her bf Ryan did a great job with the crawfish!

Doing a little school work with Aunt Bug

Playing in Ami and PaPierre's playroom

Brunch on the Patio homemade by PaPierre

PaPierre grew the grass extra long so B could have a special Easter egg hunt.
He ended up trimming a path threw so B could walk through it ;). 

Easter egg hunting with Amie

B with his new Elmo basket from Amie and PaPierre
Walking with Daddy through Amie and PaPierre's garden.

Bunny kisses

We had a nice time at Eli's 1st birthday party!
He is such a cutie and getting so big!

Me and my adorable nephew!

B blowing bubbles with PawPaw

Loren made a homeade train cake for Eli.  So special!

Eli's 1st taste of birthday cake

Blowing bubbles with cousins Izzy and Brittany

Bubbles with GiGi!

Happy Birthday sweet Eli!  We love you!