Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Christmas Card

We were so delighted with the results of using Shutterfly again for our Christmas cards this year. 

There were so many choices to choose from and I always take forever when in the store to pick out just the right card for the occassion.  I will admit it is SO much nicer to sit in the cozy environment of my very own living room to spend hours (ok, maybe not quite that long) looking for just the right card.

We decided on a simple card with a couple of family photos taken by my sweet and talented sister, Sarah. 

We have been up to lots of "Christmasy" things and I look forward to sharing soon.

Here is our card :).  Have a great weekend!

Stationery card
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It's Fall Ya'll!

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Although it doesn't feel very much like Fall weather here in Katy, we have been having some Fall fun!

Little Boston is now walking! :) It is so neat to see our little man walk. It is bittersweet, because it just means he can get into things a little more quickly. He is still working on his balance, but it is so cute :). The best part is when we hold out our arms and he walks (runs) to us with a huge smile on his face, showing the pride that he can do it.

He isn't quite saying any words yet, but he has a few regular babbles like "MaMa and DaDa" and sometimes Na and others when it seems like he is trying to tell us something. The other day we could have sworn he said "Do-g" when pointing at Molly, but that might just be our hopeful wishing. He uses his little hand to sign "more" when he is still hungry or wants a snack - he learned that at his daycare and it is very helpful to us ;). His teachers are wonderful and we know he gets lots of love while he is there.

We have finally met some of our neighbors and we've been getting together pretty regularly. They have young children also and it will be fun to watch them play and grow together with Boston. The mom's and I have been having a great time going on walks, baking, doing crafts, and planning other activities for "girl time" and family get togethers. I'm very glad to have met them :).

Tim is doing great and staying busy with work. We went to a Family picnic with his co-workers a week ago. It was nice to meet some of the people he sees daily and Boston has lots of fun walking around and getting in a space-walk for the first time.

Here are pictures of what we've been up to!

Boston loves wagon rides!
Actually, he wants to be outside any chance he can get and fusses at the door sometimes just because he wants to play outside :).

Boston's first Revel experience

B bouncing a spider toy at Halloween He has discovered how to use his toys to climb. Kind of scary for us!
He loves this little firetruck. :)
Being silly with Daddy
Trying to decide what he thinks about this puppy dog sippy cup
Ready to take Molly for a walk...they are becoming really good friends ;).
Just chillin' on the window sill.
A visit to the Pumpkin Patch at our church. He loved it!
Me and my little punkin'

"Camping out" in his tent. Notice his little lantern is on too :).
He loves climbing up the stairs and "sliding" down backwards on his belly. We now have gates at the top and bottom of the stairs ;).

He wanted to be outside and it was a nice night, so we just moved his little high chair outside for dinner. He loved it!

He loves when Daddy makes him go fast around the house!
Fun in the tub!
Poor baby got stuck in the bowl (but it made a cute pic).
Foam sword fighting with Daddy.
An evening at the park.

Loves falling asleep on the floor.
Takes a seat wherever is convenient.

At the neighborhood Fall Fest.

First time trick or treating at Daddy's work with daycare. It was adorable!
His teacher made the class little bags, so sweet.
I love my guys :).

Just walking around the house!
Halloween night with the neighbors!
This was me and the moms with babies (monkey, turtle, and dino) Boston's age.
It will be fun to watch them grow together!

We had a whole set-up of dinner and snacks, including cupcakes made by our neighbor who is a french pastry chef...yum!

All the kiddos on Halloween!

We were zookeepers with our little monkey ;).

Geaux Tigers!

First time in a space walk! He didn't know what to think...

We had a fun weekend in Dallas with friends.
Football and dining outdoors...always a good time!

We went to a backyard Meat Fest at a friend of Jill's.  It consisted of about 7? different tables of people giving their best shot at brisket and ribs.  It was all so good and accompanied by homeade coleslaw and BBQ sauce to go with it.  Yum!  

They had trophies for the winners :).

Our friends Chad and Jill.  AKA "Chill".  
Thanks for a wonderful weekend! 
B had lots of fun in the log cabin!
There was also a pie contest.  
We may or may not have tried them all... :)

That's all for now!  
It's Thanksgiving week, so more to come from our Fall festivities!
the Grace family